Advanced Drilling Engineering

Course aim and target audience

The program is suitable for people who already have experience in the technical area of drilling engineering and want to perfect their knowledge.

Course contents and focus

This Master`s program combines a unique selection of spezialized courses into an integrated, intensive and comprehensive drilling engineering education program using state of the art facilities, technologies and academic and field resources.

The objective of this program is to enhance the competency in the design, planning and execution of drilling operation and to deliver an accelerated learning experience that transforms professional drilling engineers, supervisors and managers into Subject Matter Experts in their skill pool.

The following prerequisites have to be fullfilled to participate in the Master´s program and/ or the individual course modules : 

  • A Bachelor or equivalent degree / operating experience in an engineering discipline
  • Practical experience in drilling engineering or related fields with a minimum of 3 to 5 years on the job experience.
  • A formal application that includes a CV , certificates from previous education and training and two recommendations ; one from a senior manager from the candidate´s organisation and a second from immediate supervisor who can attest the applicant´s academic and professional abilities
  • Proof of english proficiency with a i -net based TOEFL score with 80 or higher.

Master of Engineering