Quality Management (University Course)

Course aim and target audience

Scientifically based but also practical in its approach, this university course focuses on the principles of quality-orientated and holistic company management as well as on the most important quality standards and quality management systems. In so doing, the course takes into account the many aspects of the concept of quality.
This course is primarily aimed at people with managerial responsibility and/or young professionals with senior management potential who have to deal with the problems and opportunities presented by quality management and resolve them in such a way as to add value.

Course contents and focus

The subjects of business administration, management and leadership, and quality management - with all its specific issues and challenges - form the contents and modules of this course. In each, emphasis will be placed on viewing the quality aspect as part of an integrated approach to organisational management.
Great value is attached to equipping students with the knowledge and abilities required to be able to answer and solve the all-important questions connected to decision-making and managing change in organisations, while at the same time convincing with their ability to lead and to communicate.

Participants will be able to establish an interdisciplinary quality management system customised for their relevant organisations, which is compliant with quality standards, and to link it to relevant process management and benchmark systems.
Quality management also forms one module of the MBA programme in which both systemic thinking as well as the use of methodologies and social skills are developed. Specifically trained skills include the application of efficient management instruments as well as problem solving, presentation and chairperson skills, communication and teamwork.

A bachelor’s degree or five years’ work experience relevant to the course content.

Title “Academic Quality Manager”
Certificate in the field of Quality Management
The certificate is based on the criteria of EN ISO/IEC 17024 and accredited by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth