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Advanced Level

International Mining Engineer (University Course)

Course aim and target audience

The university course "International Mining Engineer" provides a science-based and practical extension as well as an educational intensification for participants in the field of raw materials extraction and its related disciplines. This post-graduate education conforms to international standards and customs and ensures this by means of cooperations with six other international universities.

Course contents and focus


The education focuses on the field of raw materials extraction as well as related scientific disciplines.

The various aspects and challenges relating to mining technology as well as, in particular, hazards and mining safety are mandatory courses.

The elective modules focus on areas such as


  • Mass mining
  • Underground coal mining
  • Coal mine hazards and coal mine safety
  • Underground hard rock mining and rock reinforcement
  • Mine automation and mining equipment
  • Mine transport systems
  • Project management, finance and appraisal
  • Mechanical excavation engineering
  • Open pit mining
  • Construction

Skills and expertise

The education is an additional qualification on the subject of the extraction of mineral raw materials while considering the national and international customs practiced by the raw materials extraction industry. It provides information regarding the economic and social environment of this industry.

Entry requirements

Bachelor-, Master- or any other Diploma degree of a technical study program from a recognized university or advanced technical college.

Assessment test as a prerequisite to prove sufficient knowledge of basic technical skills

Degree and title

„Graduate International Mining Engineer”