NATM – New Austrian Tunnelling Method (University Course)

Course aim and target audience

The university course “NATM-Engineer” (New Austrian Tunnelling Method) was introduced in response to the globally increasing demand for qualified tunnel engineers. Traditional educational courses relating to the mining industry, civil engineering and engineering geology only address a few sections of this vast field of knowledge. This university course is also offered, by extension, as a master’s programme and provides in-depth professional knowledge in the fields of geo-technology and tunnel construction, with particular focus on the NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method). It is the only course of its kind in the world.
The education is designed for engineers with previous structural or mining engineering training, as well as geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists with an extensive technical background desiring to specialize in the field of NATM.

Course contents and focus

The students will be theoretically and practically prepared to construct tunnels according to the characteristics of the “New Austrian Tunnelling Method”, that means planning independently, executing the project from a responsible position or attending it in a consulting position – with special responsibilities in geotechnical, static, organisational, contractual and economic matters.

Graduates of the course will be prepared for planning, consulting and construction supervision responsibilities required in engineering offices, construction management for construction companies, building contractors and/or position of responsibility at government agencies.

Completion of a relevant Master degree from a national university or equal degree from a relevant national or international post-secondary school.
Completion of a relevant Bachelor degree and at least three years of relevant professional experience or a relevant secondary vocational school and at least five years of relevant professional experience in a leading position.

University course: Academic NATM Engineer
Master course: Master of Engineering