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Advanced Level

Resource Management and Recycling (University Course)

Course aim and target audience

The university course on "Resource Management and Recycling" offers comprehensive specialist training to managers from the waste management, waste disposal technology and recycling sectors.

Course contents and focus

The course focuses on business management, technical and legal topics, as well as management skills. Given the range of subjects associated with the course - companies, technology, statutory framework conditions and markets - there is a high level of interdisciplinary connection between the various courses.
The main topics are: Process principles, preparation of secondary raw materials and fuels, environmental pollutants, waste recycling (glass, paper, building materials, fire-resistant materials), metal and plastic recycling, disposal logistics and recycling networks, landfill technology, energy and plant balancing, plant and process reliability, environmental law (waste law), international environmental law, plant law, international and national statutory framework conditions affecting the recycling industry, industrial management, sustainability management, recycling management, eco-controlling, environmental management systems etc.

Skills and expertise

Graduates will be qualified to take up strategic positions within companies and initiate, plan, accompany, lead and optimise recycling processes along the added value chain both within and outside the company.

Entry requirements

Completion of a Bachelor, Master or Diploma degree in natural sciences or social/economic sciences at a recognised national or international university or an academic certificate of equal worth from another national or international postgraduate educational institution.

Qualification and title

Master of Engineering